Terence Mckenna's Fake Flying Saucer

Dr. Fong Says:
The ship obviously has a cloaking device to make it look like ridiculous things so no one will believe you when you tell them what you saw.

While conducting research in the Amazon jungle during the mid-1960s, Terence McKenna saw a UFO. One day, on the advice of a local contact, he sat down to watch a portion of the sky where, reportedly, a UFO might appear. After a while, he noticed a strange, thin, horizontal cloud forming near the horizon.

The cloud grew in length, then divided in two. The parts separated some distance, then moved back together again. Then the cloud appeared to move slowly toward him. Before long, he says, it was directly overhead, clearly a flying saucer and so close he could see the rivets in the metal. There was just one thing wrong, he recalls:
“I recognized this thing. It looked like the end cap of a Hoover vacuum cleaner, exactly the same fake saucer as in George Adamski’s photos. This thing flew right over my head, and it was as phoney as a three dollar bill. I knew it was a fake.”
The experience was so absurd that McKenna came to the conclusion that the non-human entities from the alien or psychic realm were having fun with him by appearing in the form most likely to confound his intellectual sensibilities.


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Anonymous said...

a cloaking device? thats how you explain the ufo forming from 2 seperate clouds? why not just be invisible? how do you exlain ufos seperating into 10 ufos tnen forming back together?

Dr. Fong said...

There is no need to rationally explain what he saw. He was out of his mind on magic mushrooms at the time.