Strange Reptilian Witch Bird Captured

Dr. Fong Says:
These fools have unwittingly captured a brujo (witch) in his animal form!

"In this small colony, some witnesses saw a strange bird that they believed might have been a witch., they said it had a huge wingspan, with shining eyes, and according to one of the witnesses interviewed, a long beak (which of course is not true as you can see from the video)."

"They sent in an investigator to find out about this incident, and after the creature was captured, it was stated that the witnesses accounts were obviously over exaggerated since the bird was smaller, did not have a long beak. However, they did say that this particular bird was strange looking. This bird was later then released into the wild near where it was found/captured."

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Extreme Olde Timey Bicycle Maniacs

Dr. Fong Says:
Back in my day we had some seriously death defying acts.

Above is a video of the "Well of Death" act performed by a small carnival in India.

These kids today think they are tough and dangerous with their fancy dirt bikes.

I saw the very same act performed at a German circus in 1907 and it was done on a bicycle!

Down below the well was it soft and yielding sand like in the video? Nope, the original act was done above a pit of ferocious man-eating lions. Take that 21st century!

As a little bonus I bring you the famous bicycle loop de loop pictured below.

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Calling Dr Fong

Dr. Fong Says:
One day I will track down those aliens and find my lost son.

It took years to find a shell big enough for Son of Fong.. and when we did it was guarded by a giant octopus! We Killed it with a bomb that Fong gave us.

Then we had to hoist it all the way up to the highest tower. One time it fell.. It killed a lot of guys!

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Lake Michigan Stonehenge puzzles archeologists

Dr. Fong Says:
I love a good mystery especially when it's in my backyard!

Forty feet below the surface of Lake Michigan in Grand Traverse Bay, a mysterious pattern of stones can be seen rising from an otherwise sandy half-mile of lake floor.

Mark Holley found the site in 2007 during a survey of the lake bottom. The stones could signal an ancient shoreline or a glacial formation, but their striking geometric alignment raises the possibility of human involvement.

Holley found the site by accident while doing lake floor survey work in summer 2007 for the Grand Traverse Bay Underwater Preserve. After several passes, a row of stones became clear. When divers visited the site to take photographs, they were left vaguely unnerved. "It was really spooky when we saw it in the water," Holley said. "The whole site is spooky, in a way. When you're swimming through a long line of stones and the rest of the lake bed is featureless, it's just spooky."

The submerged site was tundra when humans of the hunter-gatherer era roamed it 6,000 to 9,000 years ago. Could the stones have come from a massive fishing weir laid across a long-gone river? Could they mark a ceremonial site?

Adding to the intrigue, one dishwasher-size rock seems to bear an etching of a mastodon. Mastodons were facing extinction when early humans were on the scene, and the few that still existed in North America lived much farther south, evidence shows.

Hank Bailey of the Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians said, "There's a lot that we haven't learned." Moreover, to American Indian eyes, the rocks seem to be arranged with some purpose, he said.

"It could easily be a ceremonial site," said Bailey, who gave underwater photographs of the stones to religious leaders. "The same kind of thing that I see there is the same kind of things we use, so why couldn't it have been connected to our people further back than modern archeologists know?"

Cleland said petroglyphs are rare in the Upper Midwest and stone circles are more common among primitive farmers than among the hunter-gatherers who traveled through Michigan.

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Reader Submitted Weirdness: Indiana UFO

Dr. Fong Says:
Kids see the darndest things!

I was nine years old and I was in the passenger side of a car driven by my brother. My mom and sister-in-law were in the car too. It was around 9am as we drove down through Indiana headed to see my family in southern Illinois.

I heard a loud noise come from the sky, sounding like a huge metal door slamming shut and echoing across the sky. I saw a cloud light up and had a main light beaming down, with a yellow light circling it. I remember my brother looking at it saying "whoa!" and it hovered there in the cloud for a good 5-10 seconds and then zipped up quickly, disappearing.

I am 100% convinced I saw a UFO that night and brother saw it too.

- Submitted by a reader -

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My Quest to Create the Supertoad

Medico Nisaba Says: Never enrage a madman with an underground toad habitat!

As any loyal reader of Dr. Fong's Blog of Mysteries knows, I once called South Florida my home before being driven mad and seeking the refuge of the mountains far away.

Now that I am nearing the end of my life here on Earth, I plan to create something far more terrible than the Bufo Marinus (Cane Toad). Back in the days when my efforts were to destroy the toads it was found that the number of abnormalities and frequency of intersex gonads increased with agriculture in a dose-dependent fashion.

"These gonadal abnormalities were associated with altered gonadal function. Testosterone, but not 17beta-estradiol, concentrations were altered and secondary sexual traits were either feminized (increased skin mottling) or demasculinized (reduced forearm width and nuptial pad number) in intersex toads. Based on the end points we examined, female morphology and physiology did not differ across sites."

"However, males from agricultural areas had horm
one concentrations and secondary sexual traits that were intermediate between intersex toads and non-agricultural male toads. Skin coloration at the most agricultural site was not sexually dimorphic; males had female coloration. Steroid hormone concentrations and secondary sexual traits correlate with reproductive activity and success, so affected toads had reduced reproductive success."

I used this knowledge in an attempt to kill off the toads; if they couldn't reproduce, they would die out. It all seemed fairly simple, and on a small scale it was.

My home in South Florida was infested with these vile beasts, so I introduced feminizing agents to home made 'toad food'. The results were quite spectacular. No longer did I see the giant male toads, but in their place were demasculinized toads with no sexual reproduction potential. The toad population in my area fell dramatically in one season.

Now, in my few remaining years, I intend to do quite the opposite. Using the same baiting techniques I have drastically increased the reproductive and growth hormone levels of these toads. This has already proven to increase the strength, size and sexual potency of the toads in experiments carried out by myself in my Underground Toad Habitat.

The next hurdle on my quest to Total Toad Domination has been temperature. These are tropical toads, and they die out in cold weather. I then remembered the humble Wood Frog (Rana sylvatica) that can freeze but later thaw out and live.

Sixty-seven percent of the frog's body freezes hard but not inside the cells. As the frog slowly freezes over several hours, he pumps large amounts of glucose anti-freeze into his cells. Gradually he stops breathing, his heart stops, his brain activity ceases but his cells don't freeze.

Come spring, when the land thaws, so does his body. Within an hour or two the Frog will recover his Summer Activity, and leap as usual.

My research is already well underway on splicing this interesting DNA trait of the Wood Frog to the super-sized Bufo Toads in order to create a cold tolerant monster toad. This way, the giant toads can spread like wildfire across the earth and devour crops and small animals, causing famine and pestilence in their wake.

This will be my final legacy; my vengeance upon a cruel world that has mistreated and mocked me. In the end, you will all die under the disgusting, writhing bodies of my giant toad army.

Reader Submitted Weirdness: LSD Ghost Encounter

Dr. Fong Says:
In your condition it sure is a good thing you weren't driving. Wait you were... :(

"I saw a ghost once. I was driving through the neighborhood I lived in at the time, after a long day of using LSD and Marijuana."

"I turned my head because of a sudden movement outside the car, only to see it was a floating apparition. I simply kept driving and it was gone the next time I looked over, but the person riding with me saw the exact same thing."

"After we had seen this, we left the neighborhood and I have never seen anything like it since."

- Submitted by a reader -

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Submit your strange stories to Dr. Fong's House of Mysteries!

Dr. Fong Says:
It seems like most of my readers are high.

"We are ready to believe you!"

Dr. Fong and friends are always looking for the weirdest stories submitted by our readers to publish here on Dr. Fong's House of Mysteries. We are looking for stories about encounters with aliens or strange beasts, psychic experiences or ghosts. Anything weird will be considered.

These stories should only be things that actually happened to you. No secondhand stories (ie "my friend's cousin saw...") and no stories that you later found out weren't so strange (ie "I saw a UFO that later turned out to be a plane").

Also, please let us know if you happened to be drunk or on drugs at the time of the incident. Not that this discounts your experience.. In fact, with the weirdest stories the people involved usually are.

If you would like your story to appear on Dr. Fong's House of Mysteries please post a written account of your experiences in the comments section of this post or send an email to drfong (at)