Extreme Olde Timey Bicycle Maniacs

Dr. Fong Says:
Back in my day we had some seriously death defying acts.

Above is a video of the "Well of Death" act performed by a small carnival in India.

These kids today think they are tough and dangerous with their fancy dirt bikes.

I saw the very same act performed at a German circus in 1907 and it was done on a bicycle!

Down below the well was it soft and yielding sand like in the video? Nope, the original act was done above a pit of ferocious man-eating lions. Take that 21st century!

As a little bonus I bring you the famous bicycle loop de loop pictured below.

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bruce said...

Wall of Death??? Pah... try driving on the ordinary roads.

Now if the cars went in one direction and the bikes in the other.........

Dr. Fong said...

I still think the bottom should be a horrible snake pit.