Reader Submitted Weirdness: LSD Ghost Encounter

Dr. Fong Says:
In your condition it sure is a good thing you weren't driving. Wait you were... :(

"I saw a ghost once. I was driving through the neighborhood I lived in at the time, after a long day of using LSD and Marijuana."

"I turned my head because of a sudden movement outside the car, only to see it was a floating apparition. I simply kept driving and it was gone the next time I looked over, but the person riding with me saw the exact same thing."

"After we had seen this, we left the neighborhood and I have never seen anything like it since."

- Submitted by a reader -

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Medico Nisaba said...

This was my encounter with a ghost, why Dr Fong didn't use my name, I don't know.

BTW, I often drove after consuming vast quantities of LSD and Marijuana, and am proud to say I only caused 4 horrible wreaks and only 13 people died...


Dr. Fong said...

Oh Sorry Medico!

I didn't realize that this was the sort of story you would want a credit on.

Medico Nisaba said...

I have no shame Dr Fong, you know this.