Strange Reptilian Witch Bird Captured

Dr. Fong Says:
These fools have unwittingly captured a brujo (witch) in his animal form!

"In this small colony, some witnesses saw a strange bird that they believed might have been a witch., they said it had a huge wingspan, with shining eyes, and according to one of the witnesses interviewed, a long beak (which of course is not true as you can see from the video)."

"They sent in an investigator to find out about this incident, and after the creature was captured, it was stated that the witnesses accounts were obviously over exaggerated since the bird was smaller, did not have a long beak. However, they did say that this particular bird was strange looking. This bird was later then released into the wild near where it was found/captured."

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Maritza Gulin said...

I lived in fear of El Brujo and El Cusco! Eeek!!!

bruce said...

I'm sorry but I could not understand a bloody word they were saying. Were they drunk? Or foreign? I just don't know. And why did they show a close up of an iguana? Does the iguana now have wings?


Jason said...


I like your site a lot! It's very helpful and has a lot of good stuff on it. Just wanted to drop by and introduce myself.

Maybe we can do a link exchange? Let me know.

Thank you.


bruce said...

Dr Fong, Go check out the monster mummies on Pink Tentacle. Something for your collection?

Anonymous said...

just so you all knowim a teacher and that isnt anything paranormal or wierd. its is a frog mouth bird. it is common in Australia.

Ian said...

It's just a nighthawk or similar bird in the same family.