Reader Submitted Weirdness: Wisconsin Dog Man

Dr. Fong Says:
We have the same thing in Michigan though it's feet are only 14 inches long & 4 inches wide with a 61-inch stride.

My girlfriend and I went out to feed deer for the hunting opener on Nov. 22, 2008. We were in the Chequamegon National Forest in northern Wisconsin. It was November 21, 2008 and the time was 12:10 AM, it was totally dark out and light snow was falling with an accumulation of about 1 inch covering the roads. The Temperature was 11*F and the wind was blowing from the northwest with a wind chill of 0*F. We made a U-turn to the left onto an unfinished ATV trail in one of our 4X4 Pickups heading towards last years feed pile.

I got to the bottom of the hill and backed in and parked. I got out my pistol and loaded it, I then put it in my holster, I grabbed my headlight with 3 LED bulbs and secured it on my head, I handed her a shaker LED flashlight and proceeded to the back of my truck where I had a 5 gallon bucket with just under 2 gallons of corn and 3 apples in it strapped down with 2 of my ATV straps. I put the tailgate down, unstrapped the bucket and put the tailgate up. I walked around my side and then in front of the truck to her passenger side as she was putting mittens on. We both started to walk together, her just behind and to my right side when we both noticed a fresh set of tracks in the snow heading down wind of us in the same direction we where walking.

At first it was not the size that caught my attention, it was "WHAT IN GOD'S CREATION MADE THESE TRACKS" immediately my skinned crawled as I looked around with my head to see if what we just had come up on was in sight. I glanced back down in disbelief at the tracks. I was in a slight stage of shock as I looked at her she looked at me and we both looked down at 4 well-formed footprints of some kind of scary tracks that either of us had ever seen before. I sized my shoe beside one of the tracks and realized it was about 3 inches longer than my shoe which measures 12 inches heel to toe, and about 1 inch wider than my shoe which measures 4 inches at it's widest width. Whatever we witnessed the foot prints of has 2 pointed talons on the end of it's foot that are isometrically the same with a rectangle shaped heel. The talons joined on the outside and at the same length in between the talons on each foot. They are 15 inches long and 5 inches wide with 64-inch strides. I have a 36-inch stride at 5'10" tall to give an idea of the possible size of this creature, running or not we do not know.

I believe we just missed seeing what caused these tracks and what ever made the tracks was still in the area and possibly watching us. My girl told me to load my pistol and keep it out, I did not argue. At first she wanted to leave right away but the sheer adrenaline and interest of what caused the tracks I believe is what kept us there. I said "okay let's get out of here" but again, interest kept us there looking at the tracks. My fear slightly subsided enough to think about the upcoming deer opener and decided I have the pistol and we will be okay. I started to walk the same way the tracks went up a hill on the trail when I stopped and looked back at her while she was still staring down at the prints. I said "come on lets get this over with" she caught up to me as we walked together, she said to me, "if this thing gets a hold of me put a bullet in my head" I thought about that as we kept walking. We went deep into the woods down a steep hill where I new the feed pile was from last year. We got to where I wanted the pile to be, I took the lid off the bucket and dumped the corn and apples out and stepped on the apples, I snapped the lid back on the bucket and said "let's go" We started to climb the hill when I realized we where off track and had to walk left to reach the trail to get back to the truck. I started to think that this was the scariest thing I have ever encountered and felt panic over coming me. I new where I was and finally we got back on the trail and walked down to where we could see the tracks of the creature again. We both stared at them for about 5 minutes. When we got back to the truck just 20 yards from the prints, she got in and closed her door. I went behind the truck, opened the tailgate and re strapped the bucket down and closed the tailgate. I got to my side of the truck and took the clip out of my gun and got in. I threw my head light off my head as we drove away thinking and then I said, "I am not coming back here" and she agreed. We where both scared and could not believe what just happened.

It was a month earlier and 1.1 miles walking through the woods from where we witnessed the tracks that a different friend and I where camping. I went to bed early and fell into a deep sleep. I woke up to the sound of my friend walking behind the tent and my first reply was "what are you doing back there?" I woke up a little more and realized my friend was sleeping, breathing kind of loud next to me. I sat up against my gear and grabbed my pistol and flashlight and sat there cold and scared in the dark. I woke my friend up and told him what I could hear and he said, "Ah it was probably a deer or something" The temperature was around 26*F. I looked out the flaps of the tent and could see the fire had died down and it was dark out there. I stood up and told my friend that I was going to the truck to warm up and get some sleep. I asked him if he wanted me to leave the pistol and he said, "no I'll be alright". I left the tent and walked to my truck about 80 yards away and started it up to get warm. I turned my lights on a few different times to see if what had walked by the tent was in sight. I did not see anything; I turned my truck off and fell asleep.

Whatever walked by the tent was bipedal and made 2 steps into my sound range and out again. I did not hear any other noise from what ever walked by. I looked around the next morning for footprints but leaves covered the ground and I did not detect anything. A little more than 2 years earlier. It was summer and I was at this same location riding my ATV alone, I stopped and got off walking down to a near by lake and was looking at the water and how clear it is when I could hear up on the hill above the camp ground we had stayed at a huge tree snap and hit the ground with a big thump as branches snapped off it and other trees as it fell. I got back to my ATV quickly at the time thinking a bear or buck was up there and I was not sticking around to find out. 2 months later that summer I returned to this spot again riding my ATV, I shut off the wheeler and stood around close by thinking about the last time I was there I was scared off by something. I was there about 5 minutes when all of a sudden I could hear branches snapping off of trees as what ever was breaking branches was coming down the hill closer to where I was. I got on my wheeler never to return until my friend and I camped there a little over 2 years later in October. My first 2 experiences with this creature while I was alone made me think it was possibly a bear or a buck deer, trouble with this theory is that I have come up on bear a dozen or so times and every time, the bear is running as fast as it can in another direction and what ever was making the tree sounds was not running any where. A deer also runs away at the first presence of a human. Now that we witnessed these creatures’ footprints I put the puzzle pieces together and realize that this creature is living in this area and it has probably been there for a long, long, long time. I have learned it means us no harm (yet). It only makes a sound when I am alone (tree breaking). It is always down wind of me (us). It is out in the day and or night. It can see in the dark. It uses the wind to it's advantage every chance it gets. It can hear well. It can smell good. It waits until we are vulnerable to approach us when 2 of us are together. I could possibly have smelled it and did not know what I smelled. I (we) have put 4,000 miles in this forest on my Grizzly ATV through deep desolate, thick wooded, swamp, lake areas and have now proved to ourselves that this undocumented at this time creature is in fact out there.

I believe this to be what the Monster quest American Werewolf series TV show on the History Channel has shown to be the half Man-half Wolf "DOGMAN?" that others have actually witnessed. I know where this creature is living and plan on an expedition to prove its existence. I want to document this creature because I feel everyone that enters the forest has a right to know it is there and for other various reasons. I am open to any and all that would like to comment or ask questions in discussing my encounters with this creature(s).
Signed, yours truly, Sure And Scared.

I have an actual picture that I took which I discovered after writing this story that proves it to be the Wolf Man Creature(s) the Monster quest American Werewolf Episode Debuts. I do not care who believes me about the proof I have of this creature(s) existence. I know where at least one of these creatures lives. I will bring it to light very soon.

- Submitted by a reader -

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Weekend said...

"I have an actual picture that I took which I discovered after writing this story". Is like writing in a letter "I was going to send you the money I owe you but I had sealed the enveloped!". Where is the picture?

Anonymous said...

I was back to the forested lake in WI. where the Dog Man presides in June,09 on a 3 day camp, fish, creature, excursion. The sun had just gone down and the atmosphere above was a pinkish orange glow. I was lead in the canoe, my friend (that was with me when the creature walked into our dark camp)was controlling our direction using the trolling motor. We had just cut across the lake fishing. I was trolling with a crawler harness and I hooked a nice size fish, I played as it tired, using my grapple hook I pulled it gently out of the water, removed the hook and put the fish back in the lake. All of a sudden we could hear a hair raising growl deep breathed siren type howl that sounds just like a vocalization I have of some creature I saved in my research on this Dog Man. We both agreed to get off the water immediately. We left 2 lanterns burning through the night until sunrise. During the night my friend and I walked to the truck, we got to a small clearing and I could hear the creature skirmish away very rapidly, it ran approximately 60-75 yards in 4 seconds through the woods, never allowing us to see it. Back at camp I was sitting in front of the fire and I could hear what sounded like more than 1 of them skirmishing around behind me as I sat gazing at the fire. I took several pictures and have not found any new evidence in them so far. During the morning hours after I finally went to sleep, the creature-Dog Man howled 2 more times, one right after the other somewhere around 4AM. I rolled over and looked across the tent at my friend at the same time he looked at me, We both went back to sleep. Well I got home after the excursion and I listened to my saved recording and the vocalizations are the same. I had been saying for months that the next step the creature was going to vocalize, and it did. The next thing I believe will be the Dog Man giving me a visual. The meaning of my name is Bright Shining Forest there is some connection here. We cut all the old growth Hemlock trees down and I think this Dog Man is trying to tell me,us, about it. I can sit in the park and watch, as truck load after truck load of fresh cut timber is coming in from the woods. I ride my ATV and every year big huge acres are barren clear cut. Sure&Scared

Anonymous said...

i would really, really like to hear these vocalizations. i've been around canines of many sorts and sizes for my entire life and the growl i heard on the video at the site from Huron County really struck me as an unusual sounding growl. if you could send those sounds along so that i might - for curiosity's sake at the very least - compare them, i would greatly appreciate it. please post a comment on my livejournal account ( ) if you're interested in a discussion. thanks! ^___^

SureAndScared said...

I have witnessed DogMan with my own eyes.
I have a real life picture that I took personally of the DogMan.
I have vocalizations recorded of the Dogman.
I have several encounters with DogMan.

"weekend" The picture is on my PC and on a DVD for safe keeping.