UFO, Jellyfish Crop Circle Video

Dr. Fong Says:
Run for your lives! The space jellyfish have come for your children.

Jellyfish Crop Circle found in Oxfordshire Video

Jellyfish-shaped UFO spotted in Shanghai

Several people reported seeing a jellyfish-shaped unidentified flying object about 8pm in Shanghai on Monday.

A man surnamed Zhu told Shanghai Morning Post yesterday that he saw the UFO in the sky at the crossroads of Jiujiang Road and Xizang Road M. in Huangpu District that night.

"It's definitely not a kite," Zhu told the newspaper. "It was flying quite high."

Zhu said the UFO was a blue-colored object and hovered around the area for several minutes and then flew away.

Though many witnesses were convinced it was a UFO the color of the V-shaped object changed regularly from red to blue to green and then yellow.

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BCDC said...

Ah Dr. Fong.. I live in this part of the world where crop circles are prevalent.... usually they are made by brother and sister making out under the Somerset moon without any concern for the genetic consequences for their sibling coupling.

Bruce Hood said...

This isn't a jelly fish? It is a clear divine signature of the great flying spaghetti monster in the sky.