The Giant Turle of Lost Lake

Dr. Fong Says:
I will never forget seeing his ancient back rise above the water.

I have something very important in the works for later this Summer. I am planning an expedition to one of the strangest places I have ever been.

When I was a young boy I was told a story about a giant turtle that lived in a small and secret lake deep in the northern wilderness.

In order to get to the lake where the giant turtle lived you had to paddle across a long deep lake and then portage across a narrow strip of land. You then had to paddle across another large but shallow lake and finally up a narrow channel to the turtle's lake.

The turtle's lake was small and round and black. The trees grew uncomfortably close on all sides. It was unnaturally deep and cold. At the bottom of this unnamed lake the turtle lived.

He is a giant and his huge shell has been seen rising above the surface of the water. His wake has also been seen as he moves around in the depths below.

Later this Summer I am planning to go back to this mysterious lake. I will be carrying camera and video equipment to document anything I may find.

Accompanying me will be will be my trusted friend Mustafa. He is an expert with kayaks and all things aquatic and should be able to guide us safely to the turtle's lake.

Our various camera/video/audiomen will follow us in; along with many unpaid interns/porters.

Once we arrive at the lake we will find a campsite near the banks of the lake and set up our turtle monitoring equipment. Complete measurements of the lake will be taken as well as water samples and countless photographs and videographs and audiographs.

Equipment Needed:

Light Kayaks
Camping Equipment
Cameras/Video/Audio Equipment
Scuba Equipment
Turtle Bait
Turtle Harpoon
Turtle Detection Equipment
Depth Charges
Life Insurance

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