Reader Submitted Weirdness: Demon Mothling Doppelgangers from a Planet Near Mars

Dr. Fong Says:
Get out Dr. Scott! It's a trap and all your friends are in on it. The moth people are trying to steal your mind while you sleep!

Dr. Scott (of Syracuse NY) said...

About 15 years ago in cookeville, Tennessee, I shared a house with three roommates. I was also active in exploring paranormal and psychic phenomenon. I'd had some strange encounters with moths, and when I meditated on them, I saw this figure... substantially the same as is being described here. I also recieved a name: Djerva. I could find no references to this name at the time (before Google!) Apparently, it's a Scandanavian name--I still don't know if it has a particular meaning.

One night, when everyone else was asleep, I got up and went to the kitchen for a glass of water. it was pitch black except for the light coming through the windows from a pole light on a side-street. As I stood there, the microwave oven beeped, and the timer set to 1:13 and started counting down. The oven did not turn on. I watched, frozen with creeped-out curiosity. When the timer reached zero, the display just went black as if nothing had happened. I felt as though I was being watched.

Later that week, I had come home from work, laid down for a nap, and awoken around 8:30 p.m. I put on my bathrobe and went down the hall to the kitchen where my friends mike and Michelle were talking. When I came around the corner, they both stopped talking and looked at me as if were painted blue or something. Mike said "How did you change clothes so fast?" I said, "I've been in my room for hours." Michelle said, "That wasn't you who just walked in and went down the hall?" (the side door we all used opened into the kitchen, opposite the hallway.)

They both began to go pale, and I asked them a few questions... they had both seen, out of the corner of their eyes while talking, someone tall like me, dressed darkly, come through the door and go down the hallway. Mike said he thought the figure was wearing a hat. I asked them whether either of them actually remembered the door opening and closing, and their eyes got wide. Neither of them did, and Michelle literally began to freak out.

A search of the house turned-up nothing unusual. I have had minor brushes with this same figure repeatedly over the years, but nothing so visual as what they described.

The following week, Mike encountered something in the dark hallway in the middle of the night that scared him so bad that he totally refused to talk about it, and he wasn't quite himself for weeks afterward.

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Stan the Chosen One said...

This is all very strange. But in my studies, meditation often does have this effect..

P.S. I have an article to submit, Dr. Fong, but my outgoing mail server won't work. Any other way I can send it?

Jason said...

This is a great site that you have. I have a paranormal blog as well. I would like to exchange links with you.