Reader Submitted Weirdness: Crule Barrel Rolling Gnomes

Dr. Fong Says:
Work all night and steal your tears.. Rum tum tummy tum ta..

I am an artist and seeing strange things in my waking thoughts is normal. In fact I thrive on it. But this was out of the ordinary because my wife saw them too....

In my apartment in Iowa city I had stayed up for two days for finals. I saw out of the corner of my eye movement by the closet. When I turned on the light I saw nothing. Went back to bed again I saw movement I intentionally looked away and watched out of my peripheral vision an saw shadow like creatures rolling barrels into the closet. In my mind I thought they were barrels of tears.

There were about six of them they had long pointy ears relatively hairless bodies and very long fingers Edward Scissor hands like sharp too. they were about a eight inches tall.

I told my wife the next morning and she said she had seen them too at night when she was really depressed and had not slept. She described them and I knew they were the same because I did not tell her about the Barrels.

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Openeyed said...

Are you sure they weren't the South Park underwear gnomes? ;)

Love your site!!

Openeyed said...

Now here is an odd thing; since I commented on this post I ran into this supposed old Chinese saying:

"Two barrels of tears will not heal a bruise"


bruce said...

I believe you. Anything is possible in Iowa!

the Arbiter said...

the world is a strange place. I'm less concerned about the reality of this event, and more concerned about what these "gnomes" would want or need barrels of tears for....