Waffen-SS Tyrannosaur Division

Not many people are aware of carnage caused by Hitler's prized Waffen-SS Tyrannosaur Division. Hitler was well aware that the Allies were working on cloning dinosaurs to be used in combat, so he vowed to get their first. Using a special mix of newly emerging science and black magic the Nazi's crafted one of their deadliest weapons. The first division was ready by late 1943 in time for the Battle of Stalingrad where they proved to be highly effective but insufficient in numbers to give the Germans any real advantage.

Battle of Stalingrad - Wikipedia

Indian Government Goes Witch-Hunting

The copy of a draft Bill from India that was circulated for discussion said, “The Bill seeks to bring social awakening and awareness in society and to create a healthy and safe social environment with a view to projecting the poor and ignorant people in society against the evil and sinister practices and customs thriving on blind faith and beliefs propagated in the name of god or some so called divine or supernatural or magical powers or evil spirits commonly known as black magic

Government goes witch-hunting

Did Pterosaurs Survive Extinction?

If pterosaurs really died out with the dinosaurs and their fossil remains were not first discovered until 1784, then a depiction of one could not possibly exist in an ancient rock carving. Yet a pictograph found high on a cliff face near Thompson, Utah seems to show just that.

Did Pterosaurs Survive Extinction?

Bogs pose lethal danger to Russian mushroom-pickers

Naked dead bodies are found every year in the dense forests north of Saint Petersburg. The bodies have no evidence of violent death. The police are in confusion. Some blame evil spirits.

A small piece of land on the Vepskaya Heights has claimed 16 people who died in mysterious circumstances since 1993. But the casualty list is reportedly longer because some bodies have never been retrieved.

This is some very weird stuff. Make sure to check this out!

Mysterious bogs pose lethal danger to Russian mushroom-pickers - PRAVDA.Ru

Pat Robertson is a Satanist

As you can see in this picture of Pat Robertson during a recent episode of the 700 Club he has changed sides and is now in league with the Devil. I knew this was coming, the lies he spreads have only one purpose and that is to corrupt.

Mysterious Antarctica may be the home of the oldest civilization

The existence of the prehistoric civilization in Antarctica started drawing attention of professional historians after the World War II. The hypothesis can be proved by the medieval maps and research of the Western paleogeologists and glaciologists.

Mysterious Antarctica may be the home of the oldest civilization - PRAVDA.Ru

Corpse Smelling Plant finally BLOOMS for the first time

Behold, the giant Amorphophallus titanum, more commonly know as "titan arum." The plant, native to the tropical rainforests of Indonesia and Sumatra, blooms on an unpredictable schedule and the flower is well-known for smelling like rotting meat. This is the first time this plant has ever bloomed.

Abnormal fruits reported everywhere

In what appears to be influences from global warming, abnormal fruits, such as grapes not turning red and peaches with their flesh turning brown, are being reported throughout Japan, forcing producers to try to find effective countermeasures.

Japan Today - Abnormal fruits reported everywhere

Amazing Paper Art

Wow, amazing works of art made from a single sheet of paper. This man is a true artist, even if I can't read his web page...

와인이 있는 식탁

The End of the World!

Bush sold us out!

This is a picture of George Bush and King of the Robots shaking hands. Now we know who his real friends are. Let me tell you this Mr. President: I don't share your love of robots and I know what you're up to. As for you King of the Robots, we all recognize you with that stupid Albert Einstein mask on! So give it up!

Giant radish recovering after murder attempt

TOKYO (Reuters) - "A giant white radish that won the hearts of a Japanese town by valiantly growing through the urban asphalt was in intensive care at a town hall in western Japan on Thursday after being slashed by an unknown assailant.

The "daikon" radish, shaped like a giant carrot, first made the news months ago when it was noticed poking up through asphalt along a roadside in the town of Aioi, population 33,289.

This week local residents, who had nicknamed the vegetable "Gutsy Radish", were shocked -- and in some cases moved to tears -- when they found it had been decapitated.

TV talk shows seized on the attempted murder of the popular vegetable and a day later, the top half of the radish was found near the site where it had been growing.

A town official said on Thursday the top of the severed radish had been placed in water to try to keep it alive and possibly get it to flower.

Asked why the radish -- more often found on Japanese dinner tables as a garnish, pickle or in "oden" stew -- had so many fans, town spokesman Jiro Matsuo said: "People discouraged by tough times were cheered by its tenacity and strong will to live."

Radish recovering after murder attempt - Yahoo! News UK

3d Flash Art Machine

This is an amazing new flash art program that allows you to draw and create 3d shapes. I had a lot of fun with this. Check it out.

string spin - zefrank.com

New All Esperanto Internet TV - Internacia Televido

The first all Esperanto language internet TV station has just been launched.

Internacia Televido - Sekcioj

If you don't know what Esperanto is, make sure to view the larger version of the image to the left. It gives the basic ideas behind why Esperanto was invented.

175th birthday bash for tortoise

A zoo in Australia has held a 175th birthday party for one of the world's oldest known living creatures, a Giant Galapagos tortoise.

Australia Zoo, where the tortoise has lived for the last 17 years, marked the day with a pink hibiscus flower cake.

Although the animal's exact date of birth is not known, DNA testing has indicated its approximate age.

BBC NEWS | World | Asia-Pacific | 175th birthday bash for tortoise

Wacky Metric Clocks!

On sale now!

These wild clocks move in ten hour cycles,
each hour consisting of ten minutes! No correspondence to the unimpeachable reality of the sun’s movements.

This will probably drive you insane...

Take your cellphone to your grave… just in case!

I have always been terrified of being buried alive. This is a story about the new trend of burying a person with a cellphone just in case.

Many believe modern technology could save them from dying if they have been mistakenly pronounced dead.

However, relatives are encouraged to turn the phone off or put it on vibrate mode in case it goes off during the funeral service.

Some people, who are superstitious, insist the phone is turned off so that if they do wake up they will have battery power when the phone is turned on again.

Life is Bitch!!!» Take your cellphone to your grave.

Democrats unveil "innovation agenda"

Look Charlene, we's surfin' the web unassisted!

Delivering high-speed Net access to all Americans within five years was among a medley of priorities outlined by the U.S. House of Representatives' Democratic leader on Tuesday.

Universal broadband--whether it's delivered by Wi-Fi or WiMax, or hard line--will put all Americans, no matter where they live, no more than a keystroke or a mouse click away from the jobs and opportunity broadband both creates and supports," Rep. Nancy Pelosi of California said in prepared remarks for a morning appearance at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C.

Democrats unveil 'innovation agenda' | CNET News.com

Making the Red Planet Green

Inside a chamber about the size of a small fridge in Greenville, Indiana, scientists are taking the first steps toward creating human settlements on Mars.

The chamber, called the Martian Environment Simulator, was put together by scientific engineering company SHOT and NASA's Institute for Advanced Concepts. Scientists are using it to determine how to grow plants in greenhouses on other planets, and hope it will eventually aid people living and working on Mars, as well as provide insight to the evolution of planetary life.
Wired News: Making the Red Planet Green

Summer Camp at Bohemian Grove

Ever hear of Bohemian Grove? Boy, your in for a treat... It turns out the President of the United States and many other top goverment officials meet out in the forest each year to plot the domination of our world. Oh, and there is giant stone owl that they all worship too.

Bohemian Grove - Crazy Version...

Bohemian Grove - What Wikipedia says...

New for Christmas - Micro Flying Spy Drones

Just what we need, more robots! Honeywell is developing a micro flying spy drone -- that would be used for civilian law enforcement!

The device, a hovering robot carrying video cameras and other sensors, is being created and tested at Honeywell's Albuquerque, NM plant. The battery powered craft can stay in the air for 50-60 minutes at a time, and moves around at up to 55 kilometers an hour. The Micro Air Vehicle has flown more than 200 successful flights, including flying in a representative urban environment.

"If there is an emergency, you could provide "eyes" on whatever the emergency is, for police or Homeland Security," explains Vaughn Fulton of Honeywell.


NASA - International Space Station

These are some amazing pictures that have been taken from the International Space Station! Make sure you choose to view the high res version of each in order to truly appreciate them. NASA - International Space Station

Meditation can boost your gray matter!

Meditation alters brain patterns in ways that are likely permanent, scientists have known. But a new study shows key parts of the brain actually get thicker through the practice.

Brain imaging of regular working folks who meditate regularly revealed increased thickness in cortical regions related to sensory, auditory and visual perception, as well as internal perception — the automatic monitoring of heart rate or breathing, for example.

Meditation can boost your gray matter - LiveScience - MSNBC.com

Squirrels washing ashore along West Michigan beaches

This is kind of old but very weird. You've heard of dead fish washing up along the lake shore, but now it's squirrels. Dozens have surfaced along the beaches from Grand Haven to Muskegon, and the experts have no idea why.

Some think farmers are trapping sometimes nuisance squirrels and throwing them in the Grand River. Others think it's West Nile Virus. Whatever the cause, dozens of squirrels have washed ashore or been have spotted floating in the channel in the Grand Haven area in the last two weeks.

WOODTV.com & WOOD TV8 - Grand Rapids news and weather - Squirrels washing ashore along West Michigan beaches

Pillow Fight Club

The rules of Pillow fight club are :

Tell everyone about pillow fight club

Turn up at pillow fight club venue with a nice soft pillow hidden in bag.

At exact given time pull pillow from bag and fight

Do not fight anyone without pillow in hand (unless they want it)

Pillow Fight Club

Pillow Fight Club Pics

On the Effectiveness of Aluminium Foil Helmets: An Empirical Study

It has long been suspected that the government has been using satellites to read and control the minds of certain citizens. The use of aluminum helmets has been a common guerrilla tactic against the government's invasive tactics.

Surprisingly, these helmets can in fact help the government spy on citizens by amplifying certain key frequency ranges reserved for government use. In addition, none of the three helmets we analyzed provided significant attenuation to most frequency bands.

An Empirical Study

Unidentified Animal


Dr. Fong needs your help!

Please help me identify this animal. We recently discovered this photograph of an unknown animal. Is it a fox? The tail is weird... What could it be?

If you are looking for information about the unidentified animal found in Maine recently check here: Maine Mystery Beast

Katazuke - the tidy table

I love inventions that no one could ever possibly want. Take the tidy table Katazukue...

Katazukue is a table which ensures it is always clear. The table has a powerful pair of integrated conveyor belts which periodically move anything on the table onto the floor.

So basicly, if you leave things on this desk it randomly dumps it all onto the floor. Great, now instead of a messy desk I have a pile of stuff on the floor with my coffee dumped all over it.

Katazuke - the tidy table
Make sure you check out the video of this great table in action.

Lichen Survives In Space

During the Foton-M2 mission, which was launched into low-Earth orbit on 31 May 2005, the lichens, which came from two different species (Rhizocarpon geographicum and Xanthoria elegans) were exposed for a total 14.6 days before being returned to Earth.

Leopoldo Sancho from the Complutense University of Madrid, indicate that lichens have the capacity to resist full exposure to the harsh space conditions, especially high levels of UV radiation. Analysis post flight showed a full rate of survival and an unchanged ability for photosynthesis.

This experiment opens up many possibilities for future research into the possibility of transfer of life between planets. Follow up experiments could focus on questions such as to what extent lichen, if transported by a meteorite, can survive the reentry conditions into Earth's atmosphere.

Lichen Survives In Space

Phoneswarm 2005

This looks like lots of fun. They give you a phone number of a payphone and your supposed to call and talk to whoever answers. Weird, but could be fun... or lewd.

This week's payphone location: Ferry pier, Sausalito, California. This is a great location. People coming off the ferry are always going to be happy and carefree.

The ferry schedule indicates that the ferry will be arriving at the Sausalito pier at the following times:

M-F: 8:10am, 10:45am, 12:05pm, 1:25pm, 3:05pm, 4:35pm, 6:00pm, 7:10pm, 8:20pm.
Sat-Sun: 11:10am, 12:30pm, 1:55pm, 3:20pm, 4:45pm, 6:05pm, 7:00pm.

Those would probably be good times to call.

Phoneswarm 2005.

One Red Paperclip

Here is a guy who knows how to get things done! He started with one red paperclip and is slowly "trading up" until he has a house. So far he has traded the paperclip for a fish pen, then the fish pen for a doorknob, then the doorknob for a coleman stove, then finally the stove for a red generator. I say he's doing pretty well for starting with one red paperclip. Good luck guy!

One Red Paperclip

"God Is Pushing Us Down - an alternative theory to Gravity"

Kansas State School Board Approves Science Standards Critical of Evolution

The State Board of Education in Kansas has approved new science standards that include increasing criticism of the theory of evolution. The final vote was 6-4 in favor of the new curriculum which was advocated by supporters of the theory of 'intelligent design.'

Kansas State School Board Approves Science Standards Critical of Evolution

How To Build A Universe That Doesn't Fall Apart Two Days Later

This is a very interesting but confusing essay by Philip K. Dick.

"I once wrote a story about a man who was injured and taken to a hospital. When they began surgery on him, they discovered that he was an android, not a human, but that he did not know it. They had to break the news to him. Almost at once, Mr. Garson Poole discovered that his reality consisted of punched tape passing from reel to reel in his chest. Fascinated, he began to fill in some of the punched holes and add new ones. Immediately, his world changed. A flock of ducks flew through the room when he punched one new hole in the tape. Finally he cut the tape entirely, whereupon the world disappeared."

How To Build A Universe That Doesn't Fall Apart Two Days Later (Essay)

When it rains it pours!

Wow, the weather has gotten really bad all over France in the last week. The warm front of Molotov cocktails sweeping in from the northeast is sure to cause increased temperatures over the next few weeks.

BBC NEWS | Europe | French riot police impose curfews

As a side note, is it just me or does this woman have only one leg?

Giant Lizards Vs. Girls with Meat on their Faces

This is so weird! This clip has got to be the weirdest thing I have ever seen, and that's saying something! It is part of a gameshow from Japanese television. It's amazing the things people will do for money!

Scruvy Somali pirates chased off with sonic weapon

This is a followup from an earlier blog. The Somali pirates I mentioned a few days ago were chased off using a frightening new sonic weapon...

"The sonic device, known as a Long Range Acoustic Device, or LRAD, is a so-called "non-lethal weapon" developed for the military after the 2000 attack on the USS Cole in Yemen as a way to keep operators of small boats from approaching U.S. warships.

Makers of the device compare its shrill tone to that of smoke detectors, only much louder.

CNN.com - Cruise ship 'used sonic weapon' - Nov 7, 2005

Wikipedia on LRADs

Ramis Plans ‘Ghostbusters 3’

Ramis reveals Ghostbusters star Dan Aykroyd has written a new script, called Ghostbusters in Hell, and Ramis is keen to get the project started. Aykroyd's script transports the bumbling ghostbusters into a parallel dimension via a portal in a New York warehouse.

Ramis explains, "What Danny had originally conceived was sending us to a special-effects hell--a netherworld full of phenomenal visual environments and boiling pits.

"But what works so well about the first two (films) is the mundane-ness of it all. So my notion was that hell exists in the same place as our consensus reality, but it's like a film shutter--it's the darkness between the 24 frames.

"So we create a device to do it, and it's in a warehouse in Brooklyn. When we step out of the chamber, it looks just like New York, but it's hell--everything's grid locked; no cars are moving and all the drivers are swearing at each other in different foreign languages. No two people speak the same language. It's all the worst things about modern urban life, just magnified."

Ramis Plans ‘Ghostbusters 3’

Ive Got the Same Combination on My Luggage!

America’s stockpile of “Minuteman” long-range nuclear missiles are some of the most horrifying things imaginable. But the world was supposedly protected from mutual assured destruction by the “Permissive Action Links” (PALs) which required an 8-digit combination in order to launch.

The Strategic Air Command (SAC) in Omaha, however, had decided that these locks might interfere with wartime launch orders; so in order to circumvent this safeguard, they pre-set the launch code on all Minuteman silos to the same eight digits: 00000000.

The men and women running SAC in 1960 essentially put the entire planet’s population at risk by deliberately disabling the PAL safety mechanisms. Perhaps we should keep that in mind before we put too much trust in the people charged with our nation’s defense.

Damn Interesting

Save The Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus

There isn't much more I would rather have than one of these cute squishy guys. Please make a donation today to help save this unique creature...

The Pacific Northwest tree octopus (Octopus paxarbolis) can be found in the temperate rainforests of the Olympic Peninsula on the west coast of North America. Their habitat lies on the Eastern side of the Olympic mountain range, adjacent to Hood Canal. These solitary cephalopods reach an average size (measured from arm-tip to mantle-tip,) of 30-33 cm. Unlike most other cephalopods, tree octopuses are amphibious, spending only their early life and the period of their mating season in their ancestral aquatic environment. Because of the moistness of the rainforests and specialized skin adaptations, they are able to keep from becoming desiccated for prolonged periods of time, but given the chance they would prefer resting in pooled water.

Save The Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus

'Beast' is back on the move with two sightings in 24 hrs

THE BEAST is on the move!

The Examiner has received two new reports from people claiming to have seen the mystery big cat which allegedly stalks the countryside around Huddersfield - in just 24 hours. In the first report a 29-year-old woman from Shelley was driving home along Healey Green Lane in Houses Hill on Tuesday evening at 10.30pm. The woman, who does not want to be named, said: "I was with a friend and we had been visiting another friend. As we drove along the lane everything was normal then I saw it. It was walking up the side of the road we were driving down. It's head was about at the same level of my car - it was big. The first thing I saw was it's eyes shining back." The woman, who works as a secretary, said she was in doubt that it wasn't a domestic cat or dog. She said: "It was too big. It's fur was smooth."

icHuddersfield - 'Beast' is back on the move with two sightings in 24 hrs

Prepare to lose your mind!

Don't look too closely or for too long. Actually, it's best if you don't look at all.

Click here to lose your mind!!

US robot builds copies of itself

Great just what we need...

US researchers have devised a simple robot that can make copies of itself from spare parts.

Writing in Nature, the robot’s creators say their experiment shows the ability to reproduce is not unique to biology.

Their long-term plan is to design robots made from hundreds or thousands of identical basic modules.

BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | US robot builds copies of itself

Cut the Sky: Amazon.com's Mechanical Turk

Cut the Sky: Amazon.com's Mechanical Turk

The Religious Experience of Philip K. Dick

Wow this has to be one of the weirdest thing I have seen in a while. This is an online comic book about Philip K. Dick going insane. Great stuff, a little creepy but great!

The Religious Experience of Philip K. Dick

Lunar Helium-3 as an Energy Source?

The Chinese are heading for the Moon in 2017. They will be looking for Helium-3 which is an energy source that can be used in nuclear fusion. The Chinese think that this rare material can be found in abundance on the Moon.

Artemis Project: Lunar Helium-3 as an Energy Source,
in a nutshell

SPACE.com -- Researchers and space enthusiasts see helium-3 as the perfect fuel source.

Pirate-infested Somali waters

Arrrrrgggghh! I thought I was past due for a pirate story. This one is actually kind of scary.

Cruise liner narrowly escapes hijack in pirate-infested Somali waters - Yahoo! News

Defend yourself against the coming robot rebellion

Hurray! It's just what I've always wanted, a guide to killing robots. This guide has lot of different ways to fight different types of robots. Some of the different scenarios include: A robot trying to find you will use thermal imaging based on the roughly 91-degree temperature of human skin, so smearing yourself in cool mud will confuse them.
Defend yourself against the coming robot rebellion

"Let them drink the damn tea!"

Check out Kheperu's Blog for a great rant about drug laws' effects on religious freedom.

Cutting edge news nobody else will touch.: Should Drug Laws Limit Religious Activities?

Here is the link to the original article at ABC News

Inflatable Church

I really enjoy inflatable structures. I've seen all kinds but this is the first inflatable church that I've seen. Why spend years building a church when you can just inflate one in a few hours?
Inflatable Church