Wanted: for Dooming the World

Stan The Chosen One Says:
He might try it on All Hallows Eve. Now I have a deadline.

Hunting Medico Nisaba Pt. 1

I've been dealing with a lot lately with killing Deep Ones from Hurricane Ike and dealing with impersonators, but now I'll put that all away to save the Earth.

I know I'm a bit of a noob to Dr. Fong's with only one post (well 2 now), but I want to do more. That is why I am going to hunt down Medico and stop him from letting the Earth fall victim to the wrath of Cthulhu.

As I understand it, Medico is still looking at the blog so I will not reveal how I will do this. Watch out Medico, a storm is coming...

The End of Days?

Medico Nisaba:
The end is nigh! She gave me the Innsmouth look!

Many people have their own theories on the coming end of days. Actually, most people form "their idea" on the end of days from their Religious leaders. These people are fools. They are too feeble-minded to form their own wacky theory, so they cling to what they have been told.

Most of us here at Dr. Fong's House of Mysteries know the end is near. We are an intuitive people, we can feel it in our bones and deep within our souls.

The true question I pose is: What crazy, wacky improbable scenario will actually end our reign on the planet? Will the Rapture come and save the righteous and cast all us sinners here at Dr. Fong's into eternal damnation? I believe not. You may wish to know of my theory; you may wish to never know. If you read this, you will know, so beware.

My theory may shock and amaze you, it may also bore you to tears and force you to come to the conclusion that I am a blubbering madman with no value whatsoever. My theory on the End Of Days is this: I will bring back the Great Old Ones. The Great Old Ones will descend upon Earth and wreak unimaginable horror and destruction.

All will worship the Great Old Ones; or die.

In other words, you will all be converted into horrible fish-people who worship the Great God Dagon, or you will be offered a as a sacrifice to him. Prepare for this event however you will; there is no stopping it. I will not reveal the exact date of this monumental event, but it will be within a decade.