R.I.P. John A. Keel: 1930-2009

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John A. Keel: 1930-2009

John A. Keel was one of the greatest paranormal researchers of the previous century. He wrote many wonderful books such as Strange Creatures of Time and Space and The Mothman Prophecies. His first book, Jadoo, investigated the alleged fakirs, Indian wizards who performed supposed miracles, such as the Indian Rope Trick and survive being buried alive.

Keel started to study intensely on the UFO phenomenon in early 1966. He interviewed thousands of people in over twenty states and read over 2,000 books, along with countless magazines, newspapers and newsletters over a four year period.

His most popular work, The Mothman Prophecies, was an account of his studies in the Ohio River Valley. Many strange things happened, such as conversations with aliens, odd military presences and those damned Men In Black, a term coined by Keel for the numerous encounters with the dark figures who harassed witnesses into keeping they're mouths shut.

In 2006, Keel admitted himself into a hospital after suffering a heart attack. He underwent successful heart surgery and was moved to a rehabilitation center. In 2009, Keel moved into a nursing home. He died on July 3, 2009.