The 10 People Who Call Ghost to Ghost AM

Dr. Fong Says:
My mind has melted.

I have just finished up a 34 hour Art Bell "Ghost to Ghost AM" marathon. People who call this show get to tell their own ghost stories on the radio. The stories are supposed to be true.

I have come u
p with a list of 10 people who call Ghost to Ghost. These can be used in any combination for example, Grieving Liar or Christian Troubled Sleeper.

Some other common themes/demographics:

MANY truck drivers/miner/military/cops and people from Alaska call in to Ghost to Ghost AM. I'm guessing this is because they are up so late? Though that doesn't really explain miners..

Troubled Sleepers:
He had a bad dream or sees shadow people or demo
n dogs during a bout of nocturnal paralysis. He might feel pressure on his chest or feel someone sit down on the bed. Terrified and paralyzed he lay their for "hours" too afraid to move.

Often the stories are from when th
e caller was a small child. These can be great stories with extremely bizarre hallucinations!

She thinks the voices/images in her head come from the spirit world. She listens to the voices and possibly does what they tell her to do.

Ma'am, you don't have a history of psychics in your family, you have a history of mental ill
ness. Many are also liars or kooks (see below).

Frightened Christians:
She plays with a Ouija board, feels monstrous guilt, has a p
anic attack and thinks she sees demons everywhere. She reads the Exorcist or a book about Satan, has a panic attack and thinks she sees demons everywhere.

Art Bell loves all talk of demons and is completely terrified of Ouija boards.

Story Tellers:
He is one of my favorites. He is probably over 60 and tells a great ghost story, though it is often second, third or fourth-hand from his dad's cousin's uncle.

Did it really ever happen?

No one cares because he tells the tale so well. Very spooky stories and Art Bell gobbles it up!

He is cl
early disturbed or mentally ill. He sees/hears/smells strange things all of the time. He may mention having 100s of strange experiences and sightings. Sir, please just pick the best one. This may include Bigfoot ghosts or ghosts of dead extraterrestrials.

He often says, "It could have been a dream but.." This phrase means he cannot tell the difference betw
een his waking life and a dream or fantasy. This happens to him all the time. So he goes with it.

She is my least favorite caller to Ghost to Ghost. I can always spot her by the way she tells her story. She keeps going back and adding new facts or she explains every tiny worthless detail just to hear herself on the radio.

She reacts in unnatural ways during her stories. Ma'am, if you really saw a full torso apparition and had a conversation with it for 20 minutes, why didn't you get any useful information at all from this encounter?

Art Bell often makes fun of obvious liars.

PTS Sufferer:
He could have been in the military or injured or gone into shock. His mind made up a story/hallucination to cover up the trauma and he now believes it really happened. These can be pretty scary!

BTW: There were three mentions of "Ghost Rape" in one 4 hour episode. What's up with that?

The Grieving:
He recently lost a loved one. He turns small coincidences into signs that his loved ones are safe in the afterlife. These people are often positively affected by the experience.

These can make great stories depending on the improbability of the coinc

Anyone who listened last year:
She listened to Ghost to Ghost last year and got spooked out when the phone rang suddenly. She assumed it was a ghost and remained frightened for weeks.

She waited 365 days so she could call Ghost to Ghost and tell Art Bell her boring story.

Normal People?:
He seems reasonable, skeptical, possibly even levelheaded. He is confused by what he has seen and doesn't know how to deal with it.

These are great stories!

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Reader Submitted Weirdness: Crule Barrel Rolling Gnomes

Dr. Fong Says:
Work all night and steal your tears.. Rum tum tummy tum ta..

I am an artist and seeing strange things in my waking thoughts is normal. In fact I thrive on it. But this was out of the ordinary because my wife saw them too....

In my apartment in Iowa city I had stayed up for two days for finals. I saw out of the corner of my eye movement by the closet. When I turned on the light I saw nothing. Went back to bed again I saw movement I intentionally looked away and watched out of my peripheral vision an saw shadow like creatures rolling barrels into the closet. In my mind I thought they were barrels of tears.

There were about six of them they had long pointy ears relatively hairless bodies and very long fingers Edward Scissor hands like sharp too. they were about a eight inches tall.

I told my wife the next morning and she said she had seen them too at night when she was really depressed and had not slept. She described them and I knew they were the same because I did not tell her about the Barrels.

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