Why Do People Believe Hokum?

Dr. Fong Says: Michael Shermer, I challenge you to a lightning battle at TED2011!

An increase of dopamine caused subjects to see more patterns than those that did not receive the dopamine. So dopamine appears to be the drug associated with patternicity. In fact, neuroleptic drugs that are used to eliminate psychotic behavior, things like paranoia, delusions and hallucinations, these are patternicities. They're incorrect patterns. They're false positives. They're type one errors.

And if you give them drugs that are dopamine antagonists, they go away. That is, you decrease the amount of dopamine, and their tendency to see patterns like that decreases. On the other hand, amphetamines like cocaine, are dopamine agonists. They increase the amount of dopamine. So you're more likely to feel in a euphoric state, creativity, find more patterns.

Does postcard solve ghost riddle?

Dr. Fong Says: Wow I have been gone a long time. The mysteries are piling up!

"One of Shropshire’s most sensational mysteries – the spooky riddle of “The Wem ghost” – may at last have been solved by eagle-eyed Shropshire Star reader Brian Lear."

"Brian spotted an eerie similarity between a girl standing in the street in a 1922 postcard of Wem and the young girl whose fuzzy image was famously captured amid the flames as Wem Town Hall burned down in 1995."

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