Does postcard solve ghost riddle?

Dr. Fong Says: Wow I have been gone a long time. The mysteries are piling up!

"One of Shropshire’s most sensational mysteries – the spooky riddle of “The Wem ghost” – may at last have been solved by eagle-eyed Shropshire Star reader Brian Lear."

"Brian spotted an eerie similarity between a girl standing in the street in a 1922 postcard of Wem and the young girl whose fuzzy image was famously captured amid the flames as Wem Town Hall burned down in 1995."

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Jack Zelmo said...

Hmm... That is very eerie. Glad to see you're back!

Anonymous said...

You're back! The world is once again safe!

Big Trouble said...

Whatever happened to Osiris, I haven't seen that crackpot in years?

The reason I ask is because I have a serious Reptilehumanoid problem in my area and I need immediate help!

Wraith said...

That is pretty convincing!